The best Helmet Cams on the Internet

  • Helmet Cams are perfect for mountain biking, motorbiking, skiing, paragliding and any action sport
  • Capture the action and re-live the thrills and spills with friends and family
  • Lightweight helmet cams mean you wont even notice you're using a camera
  • Easy stop / start recording and good battery life so you wont miss key parts
  • Hassle free attachments make cams easy to fix to helmet, handlebars or other straps / struts.
gopro helmet hero

GoPro Helmet Hero

Designed for action sports. Shoot upto 1 hour 52 mins of high res video. Shockproof and waterproof to 30 metres. 5 megapixels.
Price: £169.99

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archos helmet camcorder

Archos Helmet Camcorder

Slimline "bullet" style camcorder. High resolution with built in microphone. Includes head band and DVR travel adaptor.
Price: £159.99

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atc2000 helmet camera

ACT2000 Action Helmet Camera

Weighs only 200g (with batteries). 640x480 VGA video at 30 frames per second. Compatible with PCs and macs.
Price: £72.95

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Magimix Metal Food Slicer

ATC1000 Extreme Helmetcam

Wireless, compact design. TV cable for instant replay and easy upload. Three resolutions. Windows compatible.
Price: £64.95

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atc5k waterproof action cam

Waterproof Action Cam

Waterproof to 10 feet. Built in LCD screen for reviewing footage. Works seamlessly with most video editing software
Price: £127.48

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action cam video camera

Action Cam Video Camera

Easy operation and vibration resistance. Built in USB plug makes uploading to Youtube seamless.
Price: £31.08

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Lightweight and Resilient Design

Helmet cams are designed to be unobtrusive and lightweight so you wont notice you're wearing one. You will also find that vibration and shock resistance are built into most cameras as standard, so your video will remain smooth whatever the conditions. For an idea of the kind of footage you could shoot check our helmet cam videos section.

The Helmet Cams featured here are the most popular and highly rated available. You will be able to shoot exciting video and easily edit. Some include USB ports to make uploading video to your computer and youtube even easier.

Trusted Brands and Guarantees

All of the products here are produced by respected brands and have been used and abused in countless action sports and video shoots across the world. They all come with manufacturers guarantees so if you're not totally satisfied you can get a refund.

Professional Quality helmet cams

Only the top spec cameras are featured here. Perfect for that motocross trip across the gobi desert, paragliding in Brazil, or just hammering your bike through the local woods!

Waterproof Helmet Cam

If you want to record footage from a rafting trip, or kayaking or any watersport for that matter you will need to choose a Waterproof Helmet Cam that will last the course. We've put together a list of the top few.